Francesco Vichi

July 2023: Mr. Francesco Vichi, currently a M.Sc. student at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa (Italy) will be spending one month at AIROB, on a scientific cooperation with the Neurorobotic Touch Laboratory headed by Prof. Calogero Oddo.

Mr. Vichi obtained his bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at the Technical University of Milan in 2022. His main interests connect neuroengineering to the biorobotics world: from understanding the physiological neural pathways and working schemes to implementing systems that can achieve or even enhance human capabilities. Principal focuses are sensorimotor integration and restoration and assistive devices.




Past guests

Khairul Anam

November 2022: Dr. Khairul Anam of Jember University, Jember, Indonesia is joining for one month and will be working on ML-based myocontrol of a low-cost hand prosthesis.

Dr. Khairul Anam has been a senior lecturer at the Department of Electrical engineering, the University of Jember since 2005. He got his doctoral degree from the Faculty of Engineering and IT (FEIT), University of Technology Sydney, Australia in 2016. His expertise is in artificial intelligence (machine learning, deep learning, fuzzy logic, and evolutionary algorithms), control engineering, robotics, biosignal pattern recognition based on myoelectric and brain signals, and their application in health and agriculture, especially in the development of assistive devices for the disabled.




The IIT Rehab Crew

July 2022: Andrea Marinelli and Dario Di Domenico of the Rehab Institute of IIT Genoa, Italy have been our guests for two weeks, doing joint research with Fabio Egle about EMG-based myocontrol of the Hannes hand and wrist system.