Lectures, seminars and laboratories

At each semester, the AIROB Lab offers courses (lectures with exercises, seminars, laboratories) that you can attend; moreover, exams are offered, both for the courses of the current and past semesters (but only for students who must resit).

Here you will find an overview of all courses offered at various times, plus (at the bottom) the courses offered in the current semester.


What: the AIROB Lab offers lectures, seminars and laboratories, mainly addressed to M.Sc. students of Medical Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Informatics.


  • lectures consists of 2+2 weekly hours (theory and exercises), yield 5ECTS and are usually offered in the winter or summer semester only
  • seminars (150 hours each) yield 5ECTS and are usually offered at each semester
  • the basic academic lab (Hochschulpraktikum) yields 5ECTS and is usually offered at each semester
  • the advanced research lab (Forschungspraktikum) yields 5ECTS and is usually offered at each semester

When and where:

  • all courses are c.t.: they start 15 minutes past the scheduled starting time and end up 15 minutes before the scheduled ending time, e.g., 14:00-16:00 really means 14:15-15:45 with no break
  • lectures take place at the Techfak in the southern campus; rooms are made known before the module start, at the beginning of each semester
  • seminars take place in Room 3.17 at Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 61
  • labs take place in Room 2.44 (the AIROB Lab) at Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 61


  • seminars and labs are evaluated upon presentations and/or reports
  • lectures are evaluated via 60′ closed-room sessions in which no electronic aid is allowed – only paper! (But all possible paper: slide printouts, books, articles, hand-written notes.)
  • all exams take place in each semester to allow for re-sitting. Exams for the modules which are not offered in the current semester can only be attended for re-sitting.

Slides and clips: lecture slides are uploaded on the related pages on StudON soon before the lectures happen; lectures are recorded and put on fau.tv soon after the lecture. No live broadcast is foreseen except in very rare cases, e.g., guest lectures from somewhere else.