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Open (Research) Topics for Students

Thanks for your interest in working with us. Please have look at the open (research) topics listed below. If you find topics that spark your interest, or if you have any suggestions of your own, please fill in the form below.

At our chair, we strive to maintain transparent communication with all applicants. Regrettably, if you haven’t received a response within two weeks, your application for the position may not have progressed further.


[B] = Topic for Bachelor’s Thesis
[M] = Topic for Master’s Thesis
[R] = Topic for Research Lab / Topic for Project (e.g. Computer Science “Master Project”)
[HiWi] = Student Assistant (HiWi) position (paid)

ID Scope Topic Area Supervisor
33 RL Literature Review: Intuitive Robot Control Literature Review Sabine Thuerauf
32 RL/M Accuracy calibration of a IMU Body-Tracking System Programming, Sensors Sabine Thuerauf
31 M Advanced Intuitive Control for Industrial Setups (in collaboration with Siemens Healthcare) Programming, Sensors Sabine Thuerauf
Enabling third-party motor controls for the Open-Source Bionic Leg
Robotics, API Development, Motor Control
Marc-Anton Scheidl
29 R Interface development with State-of-the-Art EMG & IMU Sensors for real-time data acquisition on various platforms. Biosignals, Programming, Sensors Marc-Anton Scheidl
28 R/M Measure Human Stiffness in VR VR, Biosignals, Tele-Impedance Sabine Thuerauf
26 R/M Investigation of HD-EMG for prosthetic real-time control  Machine Learning, Biosignals, Prosthesis Control Fabio Egle
25 M Shallow and deep unsupervised methods for myoelectric control of upper limb prostheses Machine Learning, Biosignals, Prosthesis Control Fabio Egle
Investigate, design and implement a versatile force myography sensor in cooperation with Ottobock
E-CAD, electronics, ML and controls
Marek Sierotowicz
23 R/B Construction of a Real-World TAC Testsetup Programming, Electronics, Sensors, CAD Marc-Anton Scheidl
22 M Functional Electric Stimulation for the Operation Room (in collaboration with Siemens Healthcare) Mechatronics, Programming, Sensors Sabine Thürauf
21 M Intuitive Control for Industrial Setups (in collaboration with Siemens Healthcare) Programming, Sensors Sabine Thürauf
20 M Measurement of Human Stiffness Mechanics, Sensors Sabine Thuerauf
19 HiWi Intuitive Robot Control Interface Robotics, Programming, ROS Sabine Thuerauf
18 R Controller Development using OpenSim Reinforcement Learning Programming, Biosignals, Maschine Learning Marc-Anton Scheidl
17 R/M

Design of an exosuit with variable stiffness

Mechanics, Electronics, Engineering, Sewing Sabine Thuerauf
16 R/B/M

Development and Investigation of virtual prosthesis performance evaluations with robotic engine (MuJoCo)

Robotic simulation and virtual reality Fabio Egle
15 R leading to M

Building an IMU-based body tracker.

Embedded programming, electronics, sensor fusion Marek Sierotowicz
14 R leading to M

Improving our software suit for myocontrol

Programming, Software engineering, C# Claudio Castellini
13 R/M

Teleimpedance for telemanipulation

Controls, robotics, ROS, C#, biosignals Marek Sierotowicz
12 B/R

(Electro-)Mechanical design of a powered ankle/knee brace

CAD, Engineering, 3D-Printing, Electronics, Biosignals Marc-Anton Scheidl
11 R

C#/C++ Interface for simulation and real-time data acquisition in OpenSim

Programming, Visualization, Biosignals Marc-Anton Scheidl
10 R

C#/C++ Interface for anthropometric model generation in OpenSim

Programming, Visualization Marc-Anton Scheidl
7 R/M Force Myography for intent prediction and feedback in Functional Electrical Stimulation Sensor fusion, controls Marek Sierotowicz
5 R/B/M Eye-Tracking parameters for the Evaluation of Robotic Systems in Virtual Reality Biosignals in Virtual Reality Fabio Egle
3 R/M Force output-based calibration of Functional Electrical Stimulation electrode array Electronics, sensor fusion, optimization Marek Sierotowicz
2 M Improving the quality of data via data visualisation Data visualisation Claudio Castellini
1 M Cyberglove- and FSR-based modeling of hand force synergies Physiological modeling Claudio Castellini


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