The Laboratory

Welcome to the Assistive Intelligent Robotics Lab, where we conceive, plan and carry out user studies aimed at proving that a specific solution for Rehabilitation and Assistive Robotics is superior to the state of the art.

Robotics for human beings

We do not manufacture robots – we rather buy and use commercially existing solutions, using our own algorithms and systems. In this picture we have just unpacked our shiny and new Franka Research III robotic arms, which we employ for bimanual manipulation and teleoperation.





Small- and big time creativity!

3D printing and a fully fledged small workshop for soldering, mechanics and electronics – so we build our own little artefacts, to make our research more human-friendly.






Modular, uniform, readable coding

We code in many different languages (preferably C# but also Python, C++, Java) and try and maintain a common interface among the platforms: virtual reality, the robots, prostheses and exoskeletons.