The FAU assistive labs go public

Symbolic picture for the article. The link opens the image in a large view.

At last, here is a somewhat detailed video interview appearing on the website of MEDICA, possibly the largest and most interesting trade fair for medical technology.

In the interview, introduced by Dr. Matthias Ponfick of the Hospital for Spinal Cord Injuries in Rummelsberg and Claudio Castellini of FAU/AIROB, Prof. Alessandro Del Vecchio presents his latest discovery: cervical spinal patients, declared “complete”, can still produce meaningful signal patterns, that we can use to have them control a virtual hand on a screen and, in the future, a rehabilitation exoskeleton. Here, a link to our preprint.

Finally, Prof. Dr. Andreas Arkudas and Prof. Dr. Raymund Horch of the Hand and Plastic Surgery Clinic of the University Hospital of Erlangen give a very interesting clinical perspective on this.