Starting the Rehabilitation Robotics webinars

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Good news for all people interested in knowing more about Rehabilitation and Assistive Robotics!

Co-moderated by Claudio Castellini and Kathleen O’Donnell of Rewalk Robotics, a series of webinars about RAR will start in February, beginning on 12.2. at 14:00 CET with an open panel discussion on soft exo-suits.

We’re proud to have three world-leading experts in the field, Robert Riener, Lorenzo Masia and Conor Walsh, to throw in ideas and provocative thoughts. The webinar will be streamed live on youtube, where everyone in the audience will be able to field questions and start a discussion.

The webinar series is sponsored by the International Consortium on Rehabilitation Robotics, ICORR.

Check out the website as well as our Youtube channel, subscribe for more events and join the Community!