Force Myography as an intent prediction and feedback mechanism for a functional electrical stimulation setup

The AIROB Lab has up to 2 open positions for Master’s project or Research Internship to investigate force myography as a feedback and intent prediction modality in Functional Electrical Stimulation

The MyoCeption prototype allows to induce force output in human limbs, and therefore to control movements. At the moment, the device is normally used on the shoulder and elbow joint, and is controlled in a loop that only has feedback in body posture. The main task of this project is to investigate the inclusion of force myography in the control loop of a Functional Electrical Stimulation setup. Such a setup is already being used at the AIROB lab in the form of the MyoCeption prototype. Force Myography (FMG) will  hopefully enable us to monitor muscle contraction in real time, therefore making us able to infer the actual effect of the stimulation, and possibly to distinguish voluntary and induced muscle contractions.


The tasks include, among others:

  • Integrating the Force Myography arrays available to us in the MyoCeption prototype.
  • Investigate the use of these sensors to monitor force output, possibly by comparing the inferred force output with that actually measured by a force-torque sensor.
  • Investigate Force Myography as a method to infer motion intention.

Required Qualifications

  • (basic) Experience with C#
  • (basic) Experience with Electronics
  • (basic) Experience with optimization and calibration algorithms


Additional Qualifications (not required)

  • Basic knowledge in Biosignal Processing (e.g. Filtering) and Machine Learning
  • Experience with Python, Matlab, Data Analysis, Data Visualization
  • Experience with 2D-Design (e.g. Inkscape/CorelDraw)
  • Experience with LaTEX, Office programs, Technical Documentation (e.g. in a Wiki)