Student Assistent for IntelliMan – Virtual Reality (HiWi)

The AIROB Lab has 2 open positions for student assistants for research related activities in the scope of the EU Horizon project “IntelliMan”.

The tasks include, among others:

  • Various implementations in Unity / C# for ongoing research projects
  • 3D-Design / CAD projects
  • Prototyping of small devices with 3D Printing and basic electronics (e.g. Sensor Housings)

Required Qualifications

  • Very good English skills (German not necessary)
  • (basic) Experience with Unity and C#
  • (basic) Experience with CAD and/or 3D Design application (e.g. Fusion360, CATIA, Blender etc.)


Additional Qualifications (not required)

  • Experience with Virtual Reality and Eye-Tracking
  • Basic knowledge in spatial orientation mathematics (rotation matrices, quaternions)
  • Basic knowledge in Biosignal Processing (e.g. Filtering) and Machine Learning
  • Experience with Python, Matlab, Data Analysis, Data Visualization
  • Experience with 2D-Design (e.g. Inkscape/CorelDraw)
  • Experience with LaTEX, Office programs, Technical Documentation (e.g. in a Wiki)