R/B/M: Development and investigation of virtual prosthesis performance evaluations a robotic engine (MuJoCo)

The AIROB Lab has 1 open position for a Master/Bachelor project or Research Lab for the development and investigation of virtual prosthesis performance evaluations with the robotic engine (MuJoCo).

In this research project, the student will investigate multiple virtual prosthesis performance evaluations e.g. SHAP, TAC. To this end, the student will implement multiple standardized prosthesis evaluation methods with the robotic engine MuJoCo (Multi-Joint dynamics with Contact). After the development and training phase, the system will be used to evaluate multiple ML-based algorithms for prosthetic control with a couple of healthy participants. Depending on the format (RL/B/M), the tasks are adjusted accordingly. The tasks include, among others:

  • Research
  • Implementation of multiple standardized prosthesis tests in MuJoCo
  • Testing in MuJoCo (in Unity)
  • Conduction of study with subjects

Required Qualifications

  • Exceptional interest in learning new methods and tools
  • (basic) Experience in 3D Design or CAD
  • (basic) Experience with C#
  • Interest in biosignals, robotics and simulation